5 Inspiring Polygamy Quotes to Elevate and Strengthen Your Relationships

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Quotes have the power to inspire and motivate us, resonating deeply within our hearts and minds. Whether we seek wisdom, guidance, or encouragement, quotes can ignite a spark within us and improve our relationships. In this article, we explore the motivation behind inspirational quotes and delve into thought-provoking polygamy quotes that can inspire and uplift those who embrace the polygamous lifestyle. Let these quotes guide you toward creating fulfilling and meaningful connections within your relationships. 

The Motivational Power of Quotes:

Motivational quotes have a profound impact on individuals for various reasons:

1. Primal Aspect: As humans, we are instinctively drawn to leaders and role models, and their words hold significant influence over us. Quotes from renowned figures in arts, politics, and business resonate deeply, stirring our emotions and inspiring us to follow in their footsteps.

2. Power of Language: The potency of words is undeniable. People are naturally drawn to well-expressed wisdom, whether it be motivational or otherwise. The phrasing and eloquence of a quote can enhance its impact, with rhyming or memorable phrases often leaving a lasting impression.

3. Coaching Factor: The power of motivational quotes is further amplified by a self-selection process. When we receive affirmation and encouragement from mentors, coaches, or teachers, it fuels our motivation to strive for success. Believing in ourselves becomes more attainable when we know that others have faith in our abilities.

Polygamy Quotes for Inspiration:

Despite the legal restrictions surrounding polygamy in the United States, an estimated 60,000 individuals engage in this lifestyle. These polygamists, like anyone else, deserve inspiration and motivation. Let us explore a collection of thought-provoking polygamy quotes that can ignite passion and elevate your relationships:

1. Elbert Hubbard: “Polygamy is the endeavor to extract more from life than it inherently holds.” 

2. Oliver Cowdery: “I refuse to allow any supposed worldly or religious authority to govern or manipulate my personal judgments, actions, or material interests.”

3. George Q. Cannon: “Children raised in polygamous families not only possess intellectual brightness but also exhibit greater strength and overall health.”

4. Brigham Young: “Those who embrace polygamy are the ones who can ascend to godhood. Others, who reject it, cannot reign as kings in heavenly glory.”

5. Bruce R. McConkie: “It is evident that following the second coming of Jesus, the sacred practice of polygamy will be reinstated.”


Inspirational quotes possess the power to ignite passion, motivate action, and strengthen relationships. While polygamy remains legally restricted in the United States, it continues to be embraced by a significant number of individuals. Let these thought-provoking polygamy quotes empower and uplift you in your journey, helping you build meaningful and fulfilling connections within your relationships. For further exploration of the polygamous lifestyle, we invite you to visit our website and discover the wisdom found in “The Divine Family: A True Journey into Biblical Polygyny.”


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